USA, 1978, jazz fusion

Sun RaLanquidity: This album gave me a random music showerthought: there’s prog rock, prog pop, prog folk etc etc but there’s no “progressive jazz”. I guess that’s because jazz is by nature progressive? I guess I thought this because I’ve been listening to a lot of 50s jazz lately, and it sounds more straightforward than this album. Also, my ears are starting to be able to pick out jazz elements, so I can hear earlier influences as a base for fusion. This album goes off the rails so delightfully in spots, and that last track is like a jazz seance inside a flying saucer.

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  1. How are you able to admit that you listen to Sun Ra? Isn’t that something it’s impossible to let your circle of acquaintance know you listen to? It’s too outre for people to acknowledge. Or so I’ve heard.

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