UK, 1969, British folk / folk rock

Fairport ConventionLiege & Lief: Come gather on the warm grass, and if you happen to be a traveling minstrel, go up. Join them on the stage. They’re calling you! Don’t forget your songbook filled with tales of love and jealousy, politics and death. But remember that the people are here to dance, too, so be ready with a lively folk jig. I know you have the greatest of all folk ballads in your songbook—or is it knocking around in your brain? “Tam Lin”. Save that for after the dance, for its tale of the deepest magic of all, Love, will go well with the cooling of all those beating hearts.

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  1. “Tam Lin” is magical, and these minstrels conjure up its power well. An album to return to for the sake of that one song alone, but having many other delights to share as well.

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