France / USA, 1971, American folk / contemporary folk

Tia Blake and Her Folk-GroupFolksongs & Ballads: The magical year of 1971 strikes again. Here’s a fine little folk album, and a curious one, too, since the project was formed in France but they’re clearly doing American folk music. I guess Tia is American? I love her understated vocals. This one album is the only document we have of the band. The renditions of “Polly Vaughn” and “Hangman” are respectively heartrending and poignant, but both wholly beautiful. Of course I heard “A Man of Constant Sorrow” in *O Brother, Where Art Thou?* and “Plastic Jesus” in *Cool Hand Luke* before I’d ever heard this album, so I wasn’t sure what to think of these renditions, but they have grown on me and now I love them.

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