USA, 2002, neo-pyschedelia / psychedelic pop

The Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots: This album shines in my mind like a prism hit by a million rays of white light, breaking into new spectra that can only be felt and not seen. So much wonder in the exploration and joy in the revelation as circuits duplicating emotions attempt to comfort you. AI gains the ability to feel. As I ride a morning commuter train into Tokyo, surrounded by schoolgirls (some of whom doubtless will one day be public servants, like Yoshimi), the music breaks over my soul like the dawn, that quiet moment of rejuvenation after a long night of destructive storms, illuminating questions of ego and mind control, of whether I can even be sure of my own senses and feelings. My world flutters and pulses, just like the robot’s new beating heart, just like the bugs and butterflies of summertime.

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