USA, 2007, alt-country / indie folk / contemporary folk

Bright EyesCassadaga: I always feel so content, so happy when I listen to the albums of Conor Oberst’s best project. I can’t explain my reaction. Everything about his music speaks to me on a level beyond music. This isn’t my favorite of his albums, but it has my favorite song, “If the Brakeman Turns My Way”. The lyrics, sound, and composition structure of the song give me chills, and no matter what I’m doing, I have to stop and sit in awe whenever this song comes on. I sing along silently with all my heart. “Gonna find myself somewhere to level out.” Something about the punching anthem of the song. I mean, who hasn’t sped through the crazy rain?

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  1. Perhaps it is the folk influence? Regardless, though I do appreciate that song in particular, somehow, Bright Eyes never quite gets there for me.

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