USA, 1982, film score

James HornerStar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: A brilliant, foreboding score for a brilliant, dark film about revenge and Satanic pride. As a fan of Star Trek and an expert on Melville, this film (and thus the music that, in my mind, cannot be separated from it) really hits me where I live. There is at once a sense of boundless space as well as a claustrophobic feeling to the music. Every bit of music perfectly fits the scene it’s highlighting: Spock’s music, for example, is beautiful and clear, just like he is; the music detailing Kirk’s actions is suitably optimistic and heroic.

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  1. An incidentally sci-fi film, and one that is brilliantly personal, character-driven. The score does indeed seem wedded to the film, so perfectly does it match.

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