USA, 1967, avant-garde jazz

Phil YostBent City: Here’s a rarity and a gem from my collection! How did I stumble across this one? Probably a blog. Back a few years ago there was this kind of arms race among music bloggers as they crate-dug, ripped, and shared their rare and obscure records. I’m pretty sure this was one of those thousands of albums to finally see the light of the internet day. Anyway, we’re all richer for that race, because albums like this have been discovered. So what about the music contained herein: echoing flutes dubbed over themselves, sparse guitars, vocal experimentation, freaky playful saxophones and upright bass. I can’t find the full album on any streaming platform and unfortunately cannot find the centerpiece track (the long and experimental “Vision at 1000 Centigrade”), either, so here’s the last track.

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