UK, 1973, art rock / progressive rock

Pink FloydThe Dark Side of the Moon: What do you say about an album that’s had as much ink if not more spilled over it than all other albums? What fool has brought a torch to bright-burning Troy? Well, let me first add what my wife said about this album on our most recent listen: “this album has a bit of everything, so it’s like a denizen of the other side of the moon came around to our side and, during one revolution of our satellite, listened to all the sounds of Earth, and when he went back around to what we call ‘the dark side’ of the moon, he made this music, rendering back to us our own sounds but filtered through his experience.” Damn. Why can’t I just come up with things that like to say? Anyway… Dark Side. A lot of the poignancy of this masterpiece is found in the lyrics, as they paint a bleak picture of modern life and as they detail the stress we feel living in this kind of world. Don’t you sometimes feel just a little bit crazy being mixed up in this modern soup? For all its supposed complexity, this album has no histrionics, no immersion in sound, and no musical complexity. It relies on “found” sounds, such as the iconic cash register, spoken parts, running, and heartbeat. The success of this album was (still is?) unprecedented, with a run on the US Top 200 chart for 741 weeks! That’s just over 14 years.

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