USA, 1972, country / singer-songwriter

Townes Van ZandtThe Late Great Townes Van Zandt: This is the album with his legendary “Pancho and Lefty”. Enough said, but…I guess I could say more. Does this happen to anyone else? You feel a bit drunk listening to Townes, even if you’ve not had a drink all day? Anyway, the myth that this album is an allusion to a purported heroin overdose in which Townes died twice in one night seems to be just that: a myth. Actually it’s more based on a kind of hoax, like when everyone thought Paul had died. Thing is, no one knew Townes was even alive, so who’d be shocked by the news of his death? So long, unknown country troubadour! Enjoy your houseboat in heaven.

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  1. Listening to Townes Van Zandt is, for me, an evening thing, when all is quiet, the ice is melting into my whiskey-and-rum, and he is mourning life and love, not even just their loss, but their beauty.

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