USA, 2017, art pop / indie folk / singer-songwriter

Sufjan StevensCarrie & Lowell Live: I never thought Songs in the Key of Life could ever happen again, but it has. As with Stevie Wonder’s treatment of his sublime album, Sufjan Stevens decided to ruin a perfect album by including an abysmal track. Stevie has “Black Man”, and Sufjan has “Hotline Bling”. “Black Man” is the last song on side three, so it’s easy for me to just pick up the needle and flip the record, acting like the track doesn’t exist. Sufjan has made it easy for me again, since “Hotline Bling” is at the end of the album. Another track I can just pretend doesn’t exist. Anyway, I recommend watching the live show film of this. It’s as beautiful, intimate, and heartbreaking as the music itself. We’re all going to die, so celebrate like you’re going to.

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