UK, 1970, rock opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim RiceJesus Christ Superstar: Since I watch the 1973 film every Holy Week, it’s nice to also have the 1970 concept album on vinyl to spin. There are subtle differences between the two. I greatly prefer Herod’s mocking song in the film, for example, more than the one on the record, but almost all the other songs, though different in tiny ways, are neither better nor worse. This rock opera is a family favorite, so when this one came up in this random list project, I saved it until I could spin it for all the kids. The songwriting here is fantastic, and yes, it’s quite kitschy in spots, and I love that, too. Showtunes are my thing, so I take them on their own terms. This album isn’t exactly showtunes, though, with its symphonic prog and art rock elements to it.

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