Belgium, 1977, avant-prog / rock in opposition

Marc Hollander & Aksak MaboulOnze danses pour combattre la migraine: Okay, never mind that there are 12 tracks when the album’s title is “Eleven dances to fight migraines”. Maybe that first part of the first track—that silly little intro?–doesn’t count. I’ve never had a migraine, so I have no idea if this music would help fight against what I understand is rather crippling pain. Perhaps it helps one make sense of the colors exploding in his brain as he lies in the dark. But I’ve heard that when you’ve got a migraine, you don’t want any stimuli, and that would include music. Well, anyway, since I don’t have migraines, I’m able to enjoy this lush, quirky, silly little collaboration of an album. It’s rather disjointed, like vignettes of songs all put together. One thing I love about RIO bands is how many instruments they employ. And the singing—always surreal and atmospheric—with some interesting choral experimentation. Anyway, back to migraines…I’m pretty sure the annoying little girl on “Tous les trucs qu’il y a là dehors” would send anyone who has a tendency to get migraines immediately into very painful territory. I hate it when people let their kids sing on their albums.

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  1. I kind of dislike RIO as a genre. Not the sound, as it’s basically prog rock, but as a classification…


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