USA, 1972, soul

Stevie WonderTalking Book: This album changed the way I rate albums. Basically, it came down to how I felt about this album and Songs in the Key of Life. I love Songs. It’s my favorite Stevie album. But I didn’t rate it 5-stars. I rated it like 4.96 or something because I couldn’t give “Black Man” five stars. I just find the song so distasteful. Anyway, this isn’t the time to discuss that. So I’m listening to Talking Book and realizing that every song is five stars. Do I rate this album 5-stars and not Songs 5-stars? How can I do that, since I like Songs more? So to reconcile this discrepancy, I started rating albums I love 5-stars, even if technically I don’t think every single song is five stars. So I always remember that this is the album that changed the way I rate albums.

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