Poland, 1970, poezja śpiewana, progressive pop, baroque pop

Marek Grechuta & AnawaMarek Grechuta & Anawa: It took me a long time to find this one, but as I was so charmed by Korowód, I didn’t give up. I just loved the idea of Grechuta forming a student music group that focused on strings and the delivery of sung poetry and poetic recitation. It’s all so charming. It just tickles me to know that here’s a case of the young leading artistically, of students taking the ideas they’re learning and turning it into something beautiful. A lot of classical sensibilities on display here. “Niepewność” is a high point.

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  1. There is a special quality to the Polish music, a sort of dark fire. This album doesn’t have much of it, being, as you put it, much more “charming”, but I always like to listen for it.


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