USA, 1990, alternative rock / indie pop

They Might Be GiantsFlood: This album is a fun trip through some zany tunes. This is as good as Lincoln. The weird thing about TMBG is that they actually tackle some serious, dark topics, but they do it with such glibness that many people don’t take their songs seriously. I find this paradox to be the duo’s strength. They really make me stop and listen, but at the same time I can just sing along and feel happy singing some dark lines like “I lost my lucky ball and chain…and now I rock the bar stool…I thought I was so cool…I just stood there whistling ‘there goes the bride’ as she walked out the door”. Also, “Minimum Wage” might just be the most scathingly satirical song ever written.

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  1. This album is just so bouncy. I enjoy it immensely, and the bright presentation of the dark themes is, as you rightly point out, one of the strengths of the album.


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