USA, 1974, jazz fusion

Jeremy SteigMonium: Two jazz fusion albums from 1974 in a row? Weird. And another flute-driven jazz-rock album? Even weirder. I guess the year I was born was the Year of the Rambling, Vaguely-Psychedelic Flute. Even the cover of this one is a sketch of some dude playing the flute. I wonder how much of this flute obsession is due to Jethro Tull’s influence, especially since they released four highly regarded albums between 1969 and 1972. Steig certainly does deviate from the jazz norm, however, with “Djinn Djinn”, a nine-minute psychedelic mong-out. Also, props to the guy for continuing to play the flute even though a motorcycle accident left one side of his body paralyzed.

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