Argentina, 1983, progressive rock / jazz fusion

AlasPinta tu aldea: I’m working through my digital collection and getting FLAC copies of everything I can. This is one of my recent FLAC upgrade acquisitions. I’m excited to make these upgrades and enjoy rich, new sounds through my high-end Sennheiser cans. Here’s another album that plays it safe on side A and brings the fire on side B. I guess side A is just getting me in the mood, what with its energetic organ work, warming me up for the beautiful “La caza del mosquito”. There’s a shift of tone here, one from driving synths to ethereal flutes that make you feel like you’re on a mountaintop. Not only elevated but alone. This really is an album of two halves.

One thought on “

  1. Prog rock was actually my entry point to jazz fusion, so I find it interesting to have them both overlap on this album.


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