USA, 1993, experimental rock / dark cabaret

Tom WaitsThe Black Rider: In some ways, this is like a lot of Waits’ other work, but in other ways, it’s completely different. It’s got all his grit, of course, but as far as I know Waits doesn’t have another operatic concept album like this. Also, this is the only time he strikes me as creepy (not throughout, just in spots). This album isn’t as highly regarded as his giant albums, but I think it’s worth anyone’s time to give it a close listen. It’ll make you wince until it goes down smooth and you’re craving more.

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  1. This one of his does stand out to me, due to its concept. I enjoy it greatly, but the mood that brings me to this one is not the same as the one that brings me to his other works.

    (And neither one is the mood that takes me to Skara Brae…)


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