France, 1977, zeuhl

ArchaïaArchaïa: This is one of a small number of albums in my collection that tickles me pink because of its obscurity. I don’t like an album simply because it’s obscure, of course. I actually have to like the music. But when I find a band that made only one album before disbanding, I pay attention. In my experience, it’s going to be either really good or really bad. This one falls in the former camp. I’m a huge zeuhl fan, first off. This album has a dark, haunting, rather chant-like beginning, almost as if it’s an invocation of sorts before progressing into guitar territory more familiar to the casual ear. Still the cryptic nature of the music continues with unsettling synthesizer use. Whereas Magma is bolder as far as zeuhl is concerned, Archaïa strikes me as more sombre and definitely more disturbing, almost as if there’s a touch of the Occult present.

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