USA, 1988, alternative rock / jangle pop

R.E.M.Green: It’s weird right off the bat I’ve gotten two jangle pop albums in a row. Weird because I have so few jangle pop albums in my collection. Anyway, I guess this is what true randomness is about–like when stars cluster together in the night sky, whereas right beside the cluster is a wide expanse of blackness. Well, about this album: according to many R.E.M. fans, this album ends the band’s perfect run from their debut through Document, but I have to disagree with the consensus. I think this album is great, and I actually like it more than any of their previous albums. Maybe I like sell-out sounds? After all, I think American Idiot is Green Day’s best album. There’s so much I love about the atmosphere of Green, and “Orange Crush” is as good as R.E.M. gets.

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